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Why work with ASICC-MED?

ASICC-MED employees enjoy a highly professional, flexible, and innovative work environment with a range of attractive benefits:


A career with ASICC-MED is rewarding. We offer great wages, bonuses for staff referrals, benefits for full-time employees, and full pension plans.


A career with ASICC-MED allows for work and family reconciliation. Staff can design their own schedule to balance personal and professional commitments.


A career with ASICC-MED is interesting. Staff can choose from a diversity of mandates, selecting those that interest them most – from rehabilitation centers, private clinics, home care, hospitals, homes for the elderly, and much more!


A career with ASICC-MED is convenient. ASICC-MED offers mandates throughout Qu├ębec and depending on the area, we cover kilometrage and subsistence costs.


A career with ASICC-MED is eye-opening. We provide staff the chance to acquire new skills in the field of their interest by offering the most up-to-date medical and healthcare information and trainings.

We are more than a placement agency, we are an experienced HR firm offering you a turnkey concept.