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Is TSO required? (mandatory overtime until a replacement arrives)

TSO is obligatory. You must stay at your post up until the client secures a replacement. Renumeration covers only active service, unless you have worked over 40 hours.

Are lodging costs included when we travel to far flung regions?

Lodging and subsistence costs are included for staff working mandates in far flung regions.

How many shifts per month do I need to be available?

You must be available to work at minimum 4 shifts per month.

How do I transmit my availabilities to work and at what frequency?

We must receive your availabilities every Monday (for the week) and every Thursday (for the weekend). This should be transmitted to weekly, even if you are not available to work any shifts on that given week. You can communicate with us 24/7 via the employee portal, by email at, or by telephone at 450-445-1601.

Can we lower or increase our tax deductions?

Tax deductions are already at the minimum, so we cannot lower them. If you wish to raise them, please make a request by email so we can send you the appropriate form to complete.

Are transportation packages taxable?

All transportation packages are taxable.

Do we need to send our timesheets if we have already confirmed them on the platform?

You may upload them directly on the platform or send to use via email or fax.

How can we obtain an attestation of number of work hours completed?

Please make a request to the payroll department by email. The turnaround time is approximately two weeks.

How do I obtain my paystub?

They are delivered by email every Tuesday afternoon preceding payday (Thursdays).

When do we receive our T4?

They are sent by post prior to the 28th of February.

Do you offer RRSP’s?

You can reach out to the fondaction directly in order to open you file (514-525-5505 or +1 800-253-6665).

How do we receive the T2200 form?

Please make a request via email to the payroll department prior to January 31st. It will be sent out along with your T4.

What is the accepted delay when sending you our timesheets?

They must be sent every Sunday. The longest acceptable delay is 6 days prior to payday, after which point your timesheet will be added to your following paycheck.

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