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About Us

ASICC-MED has been providing outstanding 24/7 healthcare solutions since 1992. We play an integral and supporting role in the Canadian healthcare system by filling the gaps that exist between home and healthcare establishments.


ASICC-MED healthcare professionals offer a range of specialties and languages in order to supplement your needs. All staff undergoes a rigorous screening process and are kept up to date with skill upgrading and in-house training programs. Our healthcare professionals are available to assist you and your organization at any time, and on a short- or long-term basis.

Our Mission

ASICC-MED is dedicated to empowering our customers by increasing health awareness and promoting improved healthcare practices. We provide a proactive, affordable, and convenient approach based on our customer’s individual needs and health situation. Our focus on education, training, and personal wellness serves to enhance each patient’s well-being and quality of life.

Our Strengths

ASICC-MED’s commitment to transparency and ethical service is visible in everything we do. We approach every patient and customer with one goal – to provide the best healthcare services and solutions based on their needs.

We are more than a placement agency, we are an experienced HR firm offering you a turnkey concept.